Trailer: Introducing the Path to PreSales Podcast

Episode #000 – Announcing the launch of the Path to PreSales podcast!

Host and Senior Sales Engineer, Matt Madden, will be interviewing PreSales professionals that had very unique paths into technology career roles that are focused on PreSales activities. In each episode, we'll surface actionable insights from our guest's journey into the role, including tips, lessons learned, and recommendations shared that will help you determine and pursue your own unique path into a PreSales role!

Episodes release every Wednesday, starting March 22nd.

Matt Madden: So you want to break into tech, but you don't come from a quote unquote traditional tech background. Your technical skills might not be very strong yet. And you might be doubting your career transition goals because of that. That's actually a normal feeling at this stage. So please don't let that discourage you.

Instead, consider this. Are you driven? Are you ready to put in the work? Because if so, then I'm willing to bet that you have more transferable skills than you think. And I have great news. This podcast can help you find your path into one of the best six-figure careers in tech that you've never heard of. Welcome to PreSales.

Welcome to the Path to PreSales podcast. I'm your host, Matt Madden. On this weekly interview podcast, we talk with PreSales professionals about their unique path into the amazing tech career role of PreSales. In each episode, we'll surface actionable insights from our guest's PreSales journey, including tips, lessons learned and recommendations shared that will help you forge your own unique Path to PreSales.

Join us every week as we dive in.

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