Episode 012 – How to Knock Your PreSales Job Hunt and Skill Building Mindset out of the Park with Brian Lewis of Homerun Presales


Episode #012 – In this episode, we sit down and explore the PreSales and tech career journey of Brian Lewis, Co-founder and CRO of Homerun Presales. Along the way, Brian provides invaluable insight on everything from how to stand out as a candidate at your dream company (even if they don't currently have open job postings!), to PreSales skill-building, and more. He also gives a really great overview of the current state of the PreSales software solutions ecosystem, from demo automation tools to purpose-built platforms for PreSales team success like Homerun Presales.

All in all, Brian provides a comprehensive overview that can help you knock your PreSales career out of the park. Give it a listen today wherever you get your podcasts!

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