Episode 011 – From Journalism to PreSales Leadership: Tony Francetic’s Unique Journey and Stoic Principles for PreSales Excellence


Episode #011 – In this episode, I speak with Tony Francetic, Senior Manager of Solutions Consulting at Thomson Reuters. Tony currently leads a team of over 30 solutions consultants,  helping them grow and thrive within their presales journey everyday. We explore his unique career path that started in journalism, before transitioning to software support, then training, then training management, which ultimately led him to presales management. It's an amazing story you won't want to miss!

Tony provides insights from his humble journey and the mindset, attitude, and work ethic that has helped him succeed across diverse fields. From lessons learned along the way to stoic principles he is mindful of today,  we discuss the approaches, strategies, and best practices that have been crucial in his career transition and growth. 

If you're curious about unconventional Paths to PreSales or looking for inspiration to navigate career changes, this episode is for you! Tony's story is packed with many lessons that you can apply to your own path, so listen in and learn about the things that have helped him successfully grow his career in tech and presales.

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