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A Podcast on How to Launch Your Tech Career in PreSales and Thrive

There are many paths to landing your first role in one of the best tech career paths that many have never heard of: PreSales.

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We explore the stories of how people got their start in PreSales

Join senior Sales Engineer, Matt Madden, as he speaks with PreSales professionals – ranging from Individual Contributors to Team Leaders and Tech Sales Experts – about their own unique path into PreSales.

In each episode, we'll surface actionable insights from our guest's journey into the role, including tips, lessons learned, and recommendations shared that will help you determine and pursue your own unique path into a tech career in PreSales-oriented roles.

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From Essential Reading to Leading in PreSales w/Jack Cochran

Episode #015 – In this episode, we sit down to explore the path to presales of Jack Cochran, Director of Solutions Consulting at ActionIQ.

There is so much to be learned from Jack's story, leadership style, and perspective. We deep dive into how reading has not only shaped his professional outlook but also honed his leadership skills.

From recommended reads to career-defining strategies, Jack provides awesome advice for PreSales success that you won't want to miss!

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Meet Your Host

Dad, avid coffee drinker, and Senior Solutions Engineer at a fast growing startup.

On a mission to help others learn about, transition into, and thrive within PreSales!

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